The unemployment rate in Prince George’s saw a bit of a rise in November.

As per the Labour Division Survey from Stats Canada, the unemployment mark increased to 4.2% after coming to 3.5 in October –just over half a point increase.

In BC, the rate of unemployment was 4.4% – tied with Manitoba for the third-lowest among the provinces.

Regional jobs minister Ravi Khalon issued the following report on the survey:

“At the end of 2022, British Columbia saw an increase of 8,800 permanent jobs in November, even as B.C. saw an overall decline in jobs (-13,700, 0.5%) driven by losses in casual positions. This reflects the impact of the Bank of Canada’s interest-rate hikes to fight worldwide inflation. Despite global economic indecision, B.C. continues to be well-positioned among our local and territorial peers with one of the lowest joblessness rates in Canada (4.4%), near historic lows for B.C.

“B.C. saw a rise in private-sector jobs this month (+5,500) and our financial recovery rate of 104% also continues to make B.C. a leader across Canada. Approximately 105,000 more people are doing a job now in British Columbia than before the epidemic, including 61,700 more people in the private sector.”

Only Quebec (3.8%) and Saskatchewan (4.2%) outranked them.

Nationwide, Canada’s joblessness rate fell somewhat last month after adding 10-thousand jobs.

Employment rises were seen in industries including money and recreation.

The rate came in at 5.1%, down from 5.2 the previous month.

Here is a full collapse of all the provinces:

  • Quebec 3.8%
  • Saskatchewan 4.2%
  • Manitoba/BC 4.4%
  • Ontario 5.5%
  • Alberta 5.8%
  • Nova Scotia 6.0%
  • Prince Edward Island 6.8%
  • New Brunswick 7.3%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 10.7%