Prince George City, located in British Columbia, Canada, boasts a diverse economy with various industries contributing to its job market. In this blog post, we will delve into the statistical data surrounding the employment sector in Prince George City, providing you with factual information and exact numbers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the city’s job opportunities.

Total Employment

As of the latest available data, Prince George City had a total employment level of approximately 68,500 individuals. This figure represents the overall number of people aged 15 years and older who were employed in various sectors within the city.

Major Industries

a) Natural Resources: The city’s rich natural resources have historically played a vital role in its economy. Industries such as forestry, mining, and oil and gas extraction have provided significant employment opportunities. The natural resources sector alone accounted for over 10,000 jobs in Prince George City.

b) Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector has experienced steady growth in Prince George City. With a focus on wood products, food processing, and machinery manufacturing, this sector provides employment to approximately 7,500 individuals.

c) Health and Education: Prince George City is home to several renowned healthcare facilities and educational institutions. The health and social assistance sector, including hospitals, nursing homes, and social services, employs around 12,000 people. Additionally, the education sector, comprising primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions, provides employment for approximately 6,500 individuals.

d) Retail and Hospitality: The retail trade and accommodation/food services sectors contribute significantly to the city’s job market. These industries collectively employ around 10,000 individuals, catering to the city’s residents and tourists.

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Prince George City stands at approximately 5.3%, as per the latest available data. This figure represents the percentage of the labor force (people actively seeking employment) who are currently unemployed.

Job Growth and Projections

Over the past few years, Prince George City has experienced positive job growth across various sectors. The economic diversification efforts by the city and the provincial government have resulted in increased employment opportunities. Although precise projections are unavailable, it is expected that job growth will continue in sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and professional services.

Median Income

The median income in Prince George City is approximately $57,000 per year. This value represents the midpoint income, where half the population earns more and half earn less. It is important to note that income levels can vary significantly depending on the occupation, education, and experience.

Prince George City offers a vibrant job market with diverse opportunities in sectors such as natural resources, manufacturing, health and education, retail, and hospitality. The city’s commitment to economic development has contributed to positive job growth and a relatively low unemployment rate. As Prince George City continues to evolve, it presents a promising environment for individuals seeking employment or considering relocating to the area.