During heat waves and extreme cold events, the City of Prince George emergency programs team collaborates with community outreach agencies to reduce the risks and impacts to vulnerable populations.

The City’s emergency programs division distributes Ministry of Emergency Management & Climate Readiness (EMCR) funding to ensure service providers can operate with extended hours as warming or cooling centres and provide food, water, and other supplies. These agencies have outreach staff and/or volunteers to ensure that people are safe and aware of available services. City staff also coordinate with agencies to ensure the EmergencyInfoBC map is up to date. The map highlights available emergency warming/cooling centres and other important emergency information. The City’s outreach and downtown bylaw patrols also increase to ensure vulnerable people are safe and able to access the services they need.

Ahead of forecasted weather events, the City increases emergency preparedness messaging on social media, on its website, in the news, and at civic facilities. During severe weather events, the City shares important safety information including where to find emergency cooling/warming centres and overnight/drop-in shelters through BC Housing.

In some cases, the City’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and Emergency Reception Centres might be activated. That means more resources are allocated from the province to help minimize the risks to local residents.