Right now, life on this planet is incredibly difficult. Although they are typically consoling, our relationships with one another can also be painful. Although it’s a positive thing that we can relate to one another emotionally, it doesn’t make things any simpler.

As someone who enjoys creating, I’m constantly looking for new mediums to communicate with people, whether it be writing, art, photography, or music. According to a quote by James Baldwin, literature helps us realize we’re not alone. There is always someone out there going through something similar, even when we feel alone. Why, in your opinion, is that?

All of us are human.

I wrote an essay for my Patreon pals last month, but I neglected to make it public. Trying to find words for all the challenges we still have, I found that I had previously shared a lot of my ideas and emotions. I updated it on my blog today with an introduction.

Maybe my comments won’t make things better, but that wasn’t the point. They represent but a tiny portion of the enormous ocean of human experience. And I’m happy to be traveling this ocean with you.

Flinging Joy in the Face of Oppression
The following are excerpts from the essay:
Being morally upright and resisting injustice puts an end to despotism. We are resisting tyranny when we speak out against homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and racism.

When we cultivate gardens and share resources, we combat tyranny. When we affix anti-fascist stickers on street signs, there is resistance. By remembering to look out for one another, we resist oppression.

Art, music, theater, words, deeds, and feelings—all of them challenge tyranny. Our shared stories have the power to uphold or undermine despotism. When we give ourselves permission to relax, indulge, and just be alive as we are, we resist tyranny.

Love and defiance challenge tyranny

Opposing oppression and defending love go hand in hand. We resist tyranny when we don’t just accept things as they are and instead challenge our beliefs. For instance, we can attempt to understand our noisy neighbors instead of phoning the police. By uniting in block parties, planning cleanup campaigns, or facing Nazis in public spaces, we oppose tyranny. Workers are also resisting tyranny when they band together to create collectives or unions.

Declaring, “We exist, and we won’t follow orders or tolerate actions that harm us,” is the first step in fighting tyranny.