Health Canada just made a major statement, but everyone’s attention has been on the situation between Israel and Palestine. They discovered that fragments of DNA that shouldn’t be there were present in some COVID-19 vaccinations produced by Pfizer and Moderna as well.

Because the Pfizer vaccine contains a portion of the DNA from the SV40 virus, this vaccination is particularly concerning. People’s immune systems may be harmed or cancer may result from this. The implications of these findings for public health are significant, and the vaccine manufacturers may face legal repercussions.

Although the vaccines were thought to be harmless, a closer examination of the contents revealed many copies of a unique coronavirus protein that is deeply incorporated into the tissues and cells of the body. People could not have given informed consent even if they had done their research and knew what was in the vaccine because certain crucial information was omitted.

The World Council for Health (WCH) convened on October 9, 2023, to discuss many significant discoveries. They learned that certain COVID-19 vaccinations had DNA identified in them by multiple labs. Along with Kevin McKernan and Dr. Janci Lindsay, they met with specialists like Christof Plothe and Dr. Mark Trozzi.

After ten days, Health Canada—the body responsible for ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals—announced that they were aware of a small amount of DNA present in the shots. However, they were ignorant of additional DNA snippets including a particular DNA segment known as the SV40 promoter. Given that the vaccines they tested may differ from the ones that individuals really receive, this may not come as a surprise.

Although we frequently hear about tainted food or water, this case is unique as it involves injecting something that may alter a person’s genetic makeup. It poses a risk to their future children’s health as well.

It often takes years to ensure that immunizations are effective and safe. However, after just two months of testing, these genetic treatments were administered to patients. Furthermore, it’s possible that the tests were tampered with to make them appear safer than they actually are. Furthermore, it’s unclear if the vaccinations administered to patients were as hygienic as those that governments approved. Perhaps they contained more DNA.

There were more deaths among individuals who received the vaccine than among those who did not during Pfizer’s rapid human testing prior to emergency approval for their vaccine. According to recent studies, these vaccinations may have contributed to over 17 million deaths and numerous serious wounds globally.

Kevin McKernan and associates discovered a significant amount of excess DNA—including a segment that may cause cancer—in the Pfizer vaccination in April 2023. They reported the matter to medical regulators, but as of right now, not much has changed. This was verified by Health Canada and then the European Medicines Agency. Health Canada told The Epoch Times that Pfizer had not made reference to this particular DNA sample in their documentation.

Attendees at the expert meeting Kevin McKernan and Dr. Jessica Rose conducted a research in Ontario, Canada, which revealed that every vaccine they examined included billions of DNA fragments—far more than is deemed safe.

The regulations governing DNA in vaccinations are inadequate, particularly for novel vaccines such as these. They must think about the origins of the DNA and whether it poses any risks. Scientist Dr. Janci C. Lindsay argues that in order for everyone to discuss and decide on this research, we need to have a greater understanding of it.

What are plasmids and why are they relevant?

Little DNA circles called plasmids are seen in bacteria. They are used by scientists to produce COVID-19 vaccine mRNA and insulin, among other things. In order to produce the mRNA for the vaccine, DNA is inserted into bacteria, which multiplies the original DNA. The vaccine’s mRNA is subsequently made using this DNA.

However, some of this DNA was not correctly extracted from the COVID-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Rather, it ended up with the mRNA in the vaccination. It was not intended for this to occur. The businesses were given authorization to manufacture the vaccines by a new, messier process that left DNA in the shots, but they still utilized the cleaner method.

The goal of the COVID-19 vaccines is to infect your cells with mRNA, enabling them to produce a protein that activates your immune system. PegLNPs are little fat droplets that assist the mRNA enter your cells while protecting it. However, they failed to mention that such fat droplets also contain some additional DNA in addition to the mRNA. These fat droplets can travel throughout your body after vaccination, providing your cells with additional DNA as well as mRNA.

What is SV40 and why is it relevant?

Simian Virus 40, or SV40 for short, is a virus that can cause malignancies. It was discovered in polio vaccinations produced in the 1950s and 60s, and some recipients of those shots may have developed cancer as a result of it. Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines include some genetic components of the SV40 virus, but not the full virus. An SV40 promoter is one of these regions that can facilitate the entry of foreign DNA into our cells and its eventual insertion into our DNA. It’s similar to altering our genetic composition.

This SV40 promoter can allow dangerous substances, such as those that cause cancer, to enter our cells. It can also facilitate the entry of plasmid DNA into the cell nucleus, which may result in mutations or cancer. Our DNA is found in the nucleus of our cells, which may be made easier for the vaccine to enter by the SV40 promoter. After that, it may remain in our DNA permanently, and our cells may begin producing proteins using this new DNA. It could activate cancer-causing genes or other issues depending on where it ends up in our DNA.

A significant rise in cancer cases, some of which are quite aggressive, has been observed since the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination. Perhaps this is due in part to the SV40 promoter. Some believe that the SV40 gene was added to the vaccinations in order to increase vaccine yield during production. However, it only functions in mammalian cells, such as our own, not in bacteria, where vaccines are produced. If it couldn’t help, then why was it there in the first place?

Why does it matter if the manufacturers don’t tell us there’s plasmid DNA in the injections?

The SV40 promoter sequence, which may insert foreign DNA into human genes, is something that the manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines concealed from the authorities. This implies that a large number of people may have undergone genetic alteration; whether this has occurred or not is unknown. In order to protect anyone else from receiving injections of these chemicals, scientists and medical professionals want the COVID-19 vaccination efforts to end immediately.

Vaccine manufacturers avoided liability for side effects in the 1980s, which made it difficult for individuals injured by vaccines to seek assistance. This also holds true for the COVID-19 vaccines; should it be discovered that they are tainted, the manufacturers of the vaccines may no longer be protected legally.

According to a recent Michigan court decision, a vaccine manufacturer cannot be shielded from lawsuits if the product is tainted. Ignoring a vaccine’s dangerous component is against the law and ought to result in legal repercussions. Any harm caused by tainted vaccines should be the responsibility of the vaccine manufacturers.

According to the Nuremberg Code, patients should be fully informed about a medication before using it. However, because the studies were too brief and excluded animal testing, informed consent has not been achievable for these vaccinations even in the absence of DNA contamination. It is now even more crucial for consumers to be aware of the contents of vaccines before receiving them, given the increased danger of gene alteration and cancer.

Health Canada and other health authorities ought to immediately cease administering these vaccinations. People should be made aware of the risks via the media as well. To put an end to these injections and safeguard people’s lives, cooperation is required. To keep everyone safe, a number of groups, including the World Council for Health, are urging an end to the COVID-19 vaccination program.