Ever consider what’s actually going on in the world these days? We all discover about Covid at different times, and when the truth hits us, we may experience emotions like surprise, uncertainty, or even rage. However, we want to take action, such as defending our rights and holding others accountable for their actions. Sometimes, we may feel guilty for holding untrue beliefs.

It’s important not to be too hard on ourselves if we’ve been misled. We need to offer each other compassion and understanding for falling for the bold lies we’ve been told repeatedly. Over the past two centuries, we’ve built and relied on institutions like government, education, healthcare, and financial regulators. We believed in the medical field, dedicated scientists, education, religion, financial systems, and the media’s role in exposing falsehoods. In the 1900s, we felt we had a fair amount of freedom, fairness, and opportunity within society. However, recent events may have shaken our trust in these institutions. Despite this, we shouldn’t blame ourselves for believing in them. It’s natural to trust what we’ve been taught and what we see as reputable sources. Instead, we should focus on understanding and supporting each other as we navigate through these challenging times.

Beneath the surface of growth and order, a covert coalition with the goal of world dominance surfaced. The United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) worked together on plans to establish global hegemony. It turns out that what was thought to be a pandemic may not have actually been one. Instead, claims surface that the virus began as a potential bioweapon in a lab supported by Anthony Fauci’s organization. Moreover, questions remain about the safety and effectiveness of the widely administered vaccines, raising worries about their legitimacy.

Furthermore, policies like mask mandates, lockdowns, and social separation have come under fire, with claims that their scientific validity being questioned. These disclosures cast doubt on long-held notions and raise the prospect of widespread deception. The extent of the lies spread by this influential group is becoming more and more obvious as more evidence comes to light, and many people are left to consider the effects of these discoveries on public trust and global governance.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling depressed, ashamed, or guilty over not realizing things sooner! These grand lies fooled a lot of us when we were first beginning to make sense of things. Treat yourself with kindness and remember that you are a member of a large and expanding community of people who are aware of what is happening and are banding together to stop it. You belong to a group that is supportive; you are not alone.

Mark Twain famously said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.” Feeling duped is a feeling that no one enjoys. It’s common to experience conflicting emotions when you begin to learn the truth. However, if you persist, you will begin to feel liberated from the illusion of knowing the truth.

An old proverb dating back to the 1600s goes, “If someone deceives me once, it’s their fault.” It’s my fault if they deceive me twice.” We’ve all been duped for a very long time about many different things. But we have begun to recognize such lies over the past four years. We now know that they were lying to us. You’ve joined this new network of people that cherish freedom, so together we can continue to uncover the truth. We will end the mad control and make sure we never trust false information again.